Friday, July 24, 2015

Most Anticipated Blu-Ray Releases (Announced, rumored and speculated)

As any collector of physical media of any kind knows, no matter how much amazing stuff is released on a weekly basis, we will always be hollering for X movie/album/show to be released on our preferred format NOW. And when it is, we'll plunk it on the shelf, without removing the plastic, and there it will sit for weeks, months, sometimes years, and we'll start screaming for the next one. The following is a list of my most anticipated future blu-ray releases, they've all been announced, rumored, or speculated on in some form or another and I want them NOW and maybe I'll get around to watching them in a few months.

- THE KID (1921) from the Criterion Collection
Ever since I saw the Criterion Collection DVD of The Gold Rush a few years ago, I have been bent on getting my hands on any and all Charlie Chaplin fim I can get my hands on. The CC have periodically been putting out Chaplin releases ever since, at the rate of about one a year. All evidence (an Instagram post of the original camera negative) points to this being the next Chaplin release. The earlier career Chaplin films tend to be my favorites, and this should be no exception. I've never seen it and I can't wait to.

- HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD (1976) / GRIZZLY (1976) / Numerous Others from Scorpion Releasing
These two films in particular have been teased at and talked about for some time. It seemed as though the wait was nearly over, but unfortunately the company has parted ways with their authoring house after a few snafus and a rude encounter with the authoring house, and it appears these, and many other of Scorpion titles will be delayed. I read about this unfortunate event from Walt himself, over at the forum. This is a huge bummer, and not because we have to wait a little longer for new releases, but because Walter seems like such a nice and genuine guy and is always upfront and engaged with his fans on forums. I highly suggest doing what you can to pick up some Scorpion titles you've been holding off on and showing as much support for this wonderful company as you can. 

- SUSPIRIA (1977) / PHENOMENA (1985) from Synapse Films
Suspiria is the film that opened my eyes to many things. First of all, it's the first horror movie I saw that I considered to be artistic, rather than just blood and guts and scares. It changed my perception of horror from then on. Secondly, it opened the door to world cinema for me. It was the first movie I saw from another country, and it led to my seeking out anything I could find that came from Italy. As bad as I want this release in my hands, I'm glad to know that it's being worked on by Synapse films and that they are taking their time to deliver the best possible product they can. This movie deserves it, and it couldn't be in better hands. Concerning Phenomena, it's the last major Dario Argento film I haven't seen. I also have a thing for bugs in horror movies. Still no official announcement on release date, though presumably it will be in 2016.

- MASSACRE AT CENTRAL HIGH (1976) from Synapse Films
I know absolutely nothing about this movie, but it looks great. And Synapse does great work. So I'll be getting it.

- THE GATE (1987) from ???
Okay, so there has been no official word on this from any company, but I have to imagine it's coming at some point. As a kid, I saw A Nightmare on Elm Street far too early and was unable to watch horror movies without being traumatized and nightmare ridden for weeks. However, I was able to watch this fun little Canadian gem over and over again. I have not seen it since I was about ten or twelve years old, but I am eager to revisit it and I MUST have it on my shelf. Please, someone. Put this on blu!

- THE SERPENT AND THE RAINBOW (1988) from Scream Factory
One of the most exciting announcements from Scream Factory in the past year. Classic, weird Wes Craven film about voodoo. The release was planned for August, but according to the Scream Factory Facebook, unforeseen circumstances have delayed the release until the end of the year, or possibly early 2016. Scream Factory takes plenty of crap from the loud, demanding online public, and they take it well. I hate to see these kinds of delays from such an amazing company (and they ARE an amazing company), not because I have to wait months for a release, but because I know it means that they will have to deal with illogical, rude criticism from the dark corners of the internet. Any time a company delays a project like this, it's not to annoy the fans, it's to ensure that they release the best possible product they can. Take your time.

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